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A Woman
Autumn Day
Do you know that, too?
Ein Frauenschicksal
Elf king
I know
Ode to Joy
Song of Germany
The Ants
The Carousel
The Homecoming
The Moonlit Night
The Panther
The song of the bell

How good is your knowledge of German poetry? In this quiz you should assign the poets to their respective works. Test your knowledge of poetry!

The world of German lyric and poetry is very far-reaching. In recent centuries there have been literary epochs that have been characterized by special characteristics and artists. The oldest known German poems date back to the ninth century. These lines, written in Old High German, sometimes already contained end rhymes or bar rhymes. Today there are a variety of different types of poems such as sonnets, ballads or limericks. While at the beginning mainly church songs were written, later a higher variety of topics began. It is particularly popular in poems to write about women and love.