Mythology: Roman Gods - Quiz

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Dead and underworld goddess
Divine Avengers of Evil
First mother of all gods and mother of the earth
God of age
God of blame and criticism
God of Death
God of fire
God of healing
God of light, youth and music
God of love
God of sleep
God of Sun
God of the forest and nature
God of the sea
God of the sky and light
God of the sky and the elements
God of the underworld
God of war
Goddess of chance and luck
Goddess of discord and quarrel
Goddess of friendship
Goddess of honor and family
Goddess of hunting and birth
Goddess of love and beauty
Goddess of magic
Goddess of misery and whining
Goddess of peace
Goddess of the Dawn
Goddess of the earth
Goddess of the earth
Goddess of the hearth and fire
Goddess of the moon
Goddess of the night
Goddess of vegetation, wine and ecstasy
Goddess of wisdom
Godmother and Titan
Göttin der Jugend
Messenger of the gods
Ruler of the titans
Victory goddess

In this quiz, assign the Roman gods to their function. You know the sagas and mythology, then show your knowledge about Mars, Jupiter and Co

In Roman mythology, there are a variety of gods, which sometimes later as Jupiter or Saturn also served as naming for planets. In addition to gods in the myths exists also ghost beings, for example, which for represents the ghosts of the deceased. There was a cult around the gods in sacrificing to the gods to appease them. The ritual had to be done correctly so that the wrath of the gods did not hit you.