Harry Potter: Spells - Quiz

100 %
Changes memory
Clears light of the magic wand
Dark mark appears
Delete memory
Disarming Charm
Doors immune to eavesdropping
Enlarges living beings / objects
Float objects
Full body bind
Helps against dementors
Helps against dirt and grime
Ignites fire
Killing Curse
Leg Brace Curse
Lifts the effect of shock magic
Magic wand makes light
Magic Wand shows last cast spells
Makes people invisible
Makes places untraceable
Objects become water repellent
Open the lock
Paralyzes victims
People in the vicinity can no longer eavesdrop
Reinforces the voice
Repair broken objects
Snake comes from magic wand
Spell against Boggarts
Splash water
Summon Magic
Torture Curse
Victim gets Furuncel
Victim hangs upside down in the air
Victim suffers cuts
Victims can be controlled

How well do you know the spells from the Harry Potter books? Show in this quiz that you are not a Muggle and assign their meaning to the spells.

Joanne K. Rowling has achieved a mystical masterpiece with the Harry Potter saga. The books have been sold millions of copies worldwide and have broken all records. The success continued seamlessly with the films and the eight regular films and the spin-offs filled many a movie. In contrast to us normal people or in the Harry Potter world also called Muggle, in the world of wizards is rarely done anything by hand. Mostly spells are used, which exist for the most different tasks. Of course, there is the black magic used for killing, torturing or other low purposes. On the other hand there are the defensive spells with which one can shock or paralyze opponents and also defend spells with a shield spell. But even for everyday things spells are used for example to produce light, for cleaning or cooking.