Readings: Writers - Quiz

100 %
All Quiet on the Western Front
Animal Farm
Effi Briest
Emilia Galotti
From the life of a good-for-nothing
Götz von Berlichingen
Homo Faber
Intrigue and Love
Life of Galileo
Mary Stuart
Michael Kohlhaas
Nathan the Wise
Romeo and Juliet
The Broken Jug
The Castle
The Good Person of Szechwan
The Judge and His Hangman
The Little Prince
The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum
The Metamorphosis
The Physicists
The Reader
The Rider on the White Horse
The Robbers
The Royal Game
The Sandman
The Sorrows of Young Werther
The Tin Drum
The Trial
The Visit
Under the Pear Tree
Wilhelm Tell

How well do you know the literary classics? In this quiz you have to assign the reading to their writers. A work by Goethe or Schiller?

They are the nightmare of many students in German or English lessons and the darlings of literature students, the speech of the literary works of Goethe, Schiller and Co. In recent literary epochs there were these literary classics again and again. Most of they are very famous and often even known by people who have not read them. It is also part of today's general education to know 'Faust' or 'The Robbers', as for example the capital of Italy. This quiz is about assigning the reading to their respective writers. If you think you know which works were by which authors or just want to impress your German teacher, this quiz is for you!