Organizations: Headquarters - Quiz

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African Union (AU)
Commonwealth of Nations
Council of Europe
EU Commission
EU Economic and Social Committee
Euro Group
European Central Bank
European Council
European Court of Auditors
European Court of Justice
European Parliament
Human Rights
International Court of Justice
Pan-African Parliament (PAP)
UN Peacekeeping Force
UN Security Council
United Nations (UN)
World Bank

OPEC, UNESCO or NATO? This quiz is all about international organizations and their respective headquarters. Check your world politics knowledge?

Meanwhile, there are numerous international organizations that have joined primarily for political purposes. An international organization is considered to be an association of at least two States over a longer period of time, which is supposed to deal with supranational tasks. To the numerous organizations include, for example, the European Union, in which European laws or tasks are to be decided, the less relevant counterpart of the African continent, the African Union, or even worldwide coalitions like the UN or NATO. There are also organizations that are primarily concerned with economic interests such as OPEC or cultural funding such as UNESCO. Most of these associations have a fixed headquarters where they meet on a regular basis. Exceptions are, for example, the G7 summit, which always takes place in different places.