Public Holidays: Date - Quiz

100 %
January 1st
6th January
40 days before Easter
Sunday before Easter
Thursday before Good Friday
Friday before Easter
1st Sunday after the first full moon of spring
Sunday after Easter
40 days after Easter
50 days after Easter
60 days after Easter
15th of August
October 31st
1st of November
2nd of November
November 11th
Wednesday before Totensonntag
One week before the first Advent
4 Sundays before Christmas
25th December

When is which public holiday? There are different religious holidays assign them in this quiz to their appointments. Prove yourself in this educational game!

Most still existing public holidays are religious holidays. Although most people do not know their meaning, most people know their name. But there are also less well-known religious holidays, which are not or only in some federal states regarded as binding public holidays. For example, the Sunday of the Dead or the Day of Atonement is little popular and often only known to the strict believers. But the meaning of Easter with the resurrection of Jesus or Christmas with Jesus' birth is known to most people.